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Serving your highest good ...

I specialize in long distance energy work, which clients find helpful during uncertain times, while hospitalized or recovering at home, or living in other states.  I offer in-person sessions in Delmar, NY at Balance Massage and Healing Arts Studio, 316 Delaware Avenue, with a choice of one hour or two hour session.

One Hour:


An hour seems to go by pretty quickly.  It's great for an update, and to move to the treatment table.  Many clients feel such a pleasant relaxation response that they can't believe how fast the time flew by!

Two Hours:

With a two-hour session, there is time for deeper exploration of a client's issues and an opportunity for me to teach about the energy field and discuss the client's unique presentation.  It also allows for a little more time to rest in that deep peace which so often comes with this work.  Some clients don't want to move after their energy work has been done, and this longer session allows them to enjoy being in that state of being a little longer as they integrate their healing.  

Long Distance:

With long distance sessions, it's nice to have an evening appointment so the client has finished with their duties and can stay in a peaceful place without much moving or activity afterwards.  Some people like to go to sleep and stay in their comfy spot to sleep through the night. Long distance does nicely for poor sleepers and people with anxiety, those who cannot travel, or live cross country.

Fees may be rendered by Zelle to my cell number, PayPal to in advance of our time, personal check, or cash.  One hour session is $100; two hour session is $160.

Help with your book writing:  

I offer services to assist authors in the process of getting a book about their ancestry, spiritual journeys, or life's mission prepared for their editor.  I am an author and have worked on dozens of others' books from the drafting to editing phase.  I believe we all have a gift to offer to others, and books are a wonderful way to share it.

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